SMFI is an international institution of Medical Fitness, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE's health education campaigns aim to improve the global health of people by raising awareness about the importance of physical exercise and good nutrition for disease prevention. It is a smart way to avoid over-consumption of drugs. We also work to raise awareness among medical staff about medication overprescription, encouraging them to promote a change of lifestyle habits (exercise and healthy eating) in their patients and integrating physical exercise as one more element of treatment.

We are focused on: the fight against sedentarism and the achievement of a more physically active society; research on the role of physical exercise in the treatment, prevention and recovery from illness; the development of exercise programs for "special populations" and people with diseases; education and training for professionals; dissemination of knowledge through our international conferences; health awareness campaigns; counseling and consultancy for hospitals and sports centers in the creation of Medical Fitness Units.

SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE promotes the creation of medical fitness centers and medical fitness units in hospitals and clinics.

We disseminate and promote health research through our international congresses, MEDICAL FITNESS CONGRESS SERIES (in Europe, Asia and Brazil) and we are directly connected to 52 universities worldwide.