BE ACTIVE Award 2017




  1. Participation is free. It is not necessary to be registered in the congress.

  2. The winner will receive a € 1.000 cash and will attend the conference free of charge to present his/her project or idea. The winner will also participate in the Congress Gala Dinner. (If the author was already registered in the congress, the registration fee will be refunded).

  3. The award competition is global. Individuals or groups can participate. In the case of collectives, a representative or principal author will be the beneficiary of the prize and will be the person in charge of presenting the idea or initiative in EMFCongress 2017. An author may submit only one proposal as first author, but may appear as co-author on other proposal. 

  4. Ideas, projects or initiatives must be original and have not been implemented. Innovation, originality and viability will be valued.

  5. These may be educational, awareness-raising or information projects, or actions, programs or infrastructures that facilitate the achievement of a more physically active society. These may target one or more of the following areas: Socio-sanitary area (Design of programs or actions aimed at a specific group or at society in general; Marketing and communication area (health education campaigns); Urbanism and healthy infrastructures; others.

  6. Participants must submit the proposal or idea into a PDF document. Limit 400 words (excluding title, authors, affiliations and references). It should have the following structure: title, author / s, introduction, objectives, idea development, conclusion, and collaborating institutions if any. It can be supported by graphics, illustrations, etc. (artwork can not violate copyright regulations; if the material has copyright, make sure you have the necessary permissions for publication and use). Please include the data of the authors (names, ID or passport, country, affiliations, telephone and emails). Proposals will be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  7. The author or authors of the winning idea or project will assign to SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE the exclusive right of the same.

  8. The deadline for submitting projects is 10 August 2017Author Notification Date: September 20.

  9. The Jury will be composed of members of the multidisciplinary team of SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE. The contest may be declared void if the jury considers appropriate. The contest is subject to the holding of the congress.

  10. The information provided by the participants is protected by the Law of Protection of Personal Data. SIMPH MEDICAL FITNESS INSTITUTE does not sell, distribute or make available to third parties the personal data provided.

  11. Participation implies full acceptance of these rules.


* Travel expenses and accommodation shall be borne by the winner.