Abstracts and Video Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline: 29th August 2017, at 23.59 hours.
Two types of abstracts will be accepted in EUROPEAN MEDICAL FITNESS CONGRESS 2017 edition: abstracts for Oral Presentation and Video Abstracts.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we invite you to submit an abstract for presentation at the EUROPEAN MEDICAL FITNESS CONGRESS 2017. 

Scientific abstracts from all areas of health about Medical Fitness, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine will be accepted. The topics of EMFCongress 2017 include (but are not limited to): Exercise is the Best Medicine. Exercise and healthy nutrition as prevention and as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, etc.); Active Lifestyle: Healthy Kids and Sports, Active and Healthy Ageing, Active Pregnancy, etc.; Specialized physical exercise units in hospitals and clinics (medical fitness units), and the role of multidisciplinary teams; Digital Health and Technology to Support Physical Activity and Prevent Chronic Disease; Public Health and Epidemiology. 

The 8 best works of each category (abstracts for oral presentation and video abstracts) will be selected for presentation at the Congress.



  1. Work submitted for presentation must not have been presented at previous conferences or published previously in other scientific and professional journals. 
  2. You must be registered in the congress and having paid the registration fee in order to proceed to sending an abstract.
  3. An author may submit only one abstract as first author, but may appear as co-author on other abstracts. The lead author is the person who will present the abstract at the congress.
  4. The author who will present the abstract at the congress should be who has to pay the registration fee.
  5. The maximum number of signatories of the scientific work, including the lead author, is limited to 10.
  6. The authors' names should appear with the surname preceding the name. The order in which the authors appear will be used for further editing of the certificates to be delivered at the conference, as well as in publications where the works appear.
  7. Abstracts and video abstracts must be submitted and/or presented in English.
  8. People from outside Europe whose work has been selected and for some exceptional reason can not attend the Congress, will make their presentation by video conference, and according to the same rules as for the other participants.
  9. Deadline for submission: July 20th, 2017.
  10. All notifications will be made via email, so it will be indispensable clearly indicate the e-mail  and telephone number of the person making the submission of the abstract.
  11. The registration fee will not be returned, even if the abstract has not been selected.
  12. For each selected abstract will be emitted a single certificate with the names of all authors.
  13. The Organization will reject the abstract that do not conform to the standards set.
  14. Sending the abstract implies full acceptance of these rules. The result of the evaluation of the works by the Scientific Committee is final. The Organization will reject the abstract if it do not fit the standards.


B. ABSTRACT FORMAT (for oral presentations)

• AUTHOR/S: Main author (presenter/defender) and co- authors. The names must appear with the surname preceding the name with a comma (,). Affiliation of the authors.

• TITLE: concise, maximum 2 lines. Bolt, without abbreviations.

• CONTENT: Font Arial 12. The abstract should contain in its structure:







Limit 400 words (excluding title, authors, affiliations and references).

File Format: Microsoft Word, .doc or .docx format.

Lead Author: indicate the name of the main author and contact information (e-mail and phone number). 

Abstracts selected for Oral Presentation: 5 minute PowerPoint presentation (5 minute presentation with 5 minute question/answer period).




Productions must not be longer than 3 minutes, with titles and a clear verbal narration of the visual content.

All video presentation must be edited and narrated on the audio track in English.

A video abstract should introduce the topic of the research, highlight the main results and conclusions and discuss future potential developments in the field as a result of the work.

Inclusion of additional relevant material such as images, animations and lab footage is encouraged.

We don't allow the use of any music in video abstracts. 

Presentations should not include small text that will be difficult to read.

In research with human participants, protocol for video recording with patient permission or equivalent must have been followed.

Accepted video formats are: Windows Media Video (WMV) or MPEG (MPG, MPEG, MP4). Video resolution: 1080p or 720p. Acceptable file size: up to 300 MB.

Promotional videos (personal or commercial) will not be considered. Videos showing commercial brands, directly or indirectly (for example clothing brands), will not be admitted. Only institutional logos will be accepted.

The Scientific Congress Office requests that you declare any relevant links to the industry in relation to your presentation or other conflicts of interests. Please declare this prior at the end of your video.

In addition to the video, the submitter is also required to write an abstract of the video with the same format that the abstracts for oral presentation. This summary will appear in the Abstracts Book. Please, submit the abstract in a Word document with your contact information: name, institution, address, phone, and email, and all authors' names and affilations.

The author or the designated presenter of the video selected must register for the EMFCongress and attend for presentation and discussion. Authors from outside Europe could present and discuss their video abstract via video conference, in case they can not attend the conference in person.



You must be registered in the congress and having paid the registration fee in order to proceed to sending an abstract or video abstract.

All abstracts for oral presentations should be sent as an attachment by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for evaluation by the Scientific Committee. 

Video abstracts shoul be sent by Google Drive. Please, do not email video files to the conference email address. Due to large file sizes we will not be able to receive them.

The Organization will acknowledge receipt of the abstract; if you do not receive an acknowledgment, check your inbox spam first. If there is any problem, please contact the organization to verify that your work has been received correctly.



1. There is an award for each category (Oral Communication and Video Abstract). The main authors of each will participate in EUROPEAN MEDICAL FITNESS CONGRESS 2018 edition, where they will present their complete scientific work in an hour conference.

2. The 8 best works of each category (abstracts for Oral presentation and Video Abstracts) will be published in the MEDICAL FITNESS RESEARCH JOURNAL.

3. All selected abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings with an ISBN.

4. During the Closing Ceremony of the congress, the Scientific Committee will announce the decision and the award ceremony will take place, so we appreciate your presence in the act. The decision will be final.

5. The award may be declared void in the case that the Scientific Committee deems it appropriate.



Cancellations will only be accepted in justified cases of serious illness.

Cancellations will be requested by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Refunds will only be possible until 30 days before the event and only 50% of the value of the fee.

The organisers will not assume bank charges.

After the stipulated time no cancellations or refunds are accepted.

Requests for substitution of participant must be requested by email, and only up to 20 days before the event.

The organization reserves the right to make changes in the event, due to force majeure or last minute changes. In case of cancellation of the event, participants will be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.




Abstract submission implies the full acceptance of these rules. The result of the evaluation of the work by the Scientific Committee will be final.

We look forward to receiving your abstract and meeting with you in Barcelona in October 2017!




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